Are Rental Indices the Perfect Tool for Investors and Landlords?

House Prices Indices: the latest changes in the Government's Index Rent Prices Index

Owning a rental property is a good way to generate extra income. The number of landlords has grown as people, for example, use property to fund a pension, or because they have become accidental landlords. As with every method of earning income it is important that you understand the current investment situation. For example, whether house prices and rental prices are increasing within the area you invest within. It is often those that do not understand these factors and do not track them that fail to understand changes that affect them. One way of monitoring changes in rents is to use a Rental Index. There are many house price indices, but few Rental Indices. This article will focus on rental indices as a tool and highlight the latest official source of rental information.


Rent 2 Rent: a high cashflow scheme, but who bears the risk?

Rent 2 Rent - high cashflow, but high risk?

Rent to rent, also known as rent 2 rent and let to let, is the latest property investment strategy that is enticing would be investors. It is a high cash flow , no-money-down strategy that allows the investor to make money without owning a property. This all sounds attractive but how does it work? And what are the risks?


The unusual weather and is the post-Christmas lull an opportunity for investors?

Bad weather hits the UK

New Year and Christmas in the UK, as well as in many other property and real estate markets worldwide, is a quiet time of the year. Many individuals grab the opportunity of buying a house before Christmas because it is believed that there are lots of real estate properties being offered with lower prices. There is evidence that the property prices for example all throughout England are softening and falls around 2-3% as the Christmas season approaches.


Hull named as Capital of Culture 2017: What Benefits Can it Bring to the Economy and Investors?

Hull City of Culture 2017 will it bring economic benefits

In November 2013, the city of Hull was named as the 2017 UK City of Culture, beating Swansea Bay, Dundee, Leicester and eight other UK cities. The government chooses a new destination for the UK City of Culture every four years with Londonderry chosen in 2013. Their aim is to help the economy and boost tourism in the city. But what will it mean to the local economy and the property investor?


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