Quick House Sale Video

Watch K&G Lettings Limited's promotional video which has been used to advertise our services throughout Hull and East Riding of Yorkshire.

Property Inheritance

Property Inheritance, Bereavement & Probate

Are you looking to sell a property after the death of someone close to you?  Are you in probate, administering the estate of a spouse, family member or friend. We offer a service that allows people who have the responsibility for a property to sell it quickly, without stress and for no additional cost.


Divorce or Separation

Divorcing or separating and need to sell your house?

Going through a divorce or separation is an extremely stressful event in a persons life.  It is generally thought to be one of the three most stressful life events, along with moving house.  This means that if you are selling your home as well as separating or divorcing is extremely daunting and stressful.  Using a traditional method of selling your house by using an estate agent can considerably lengthen the time taken to sell.  This means it will take longer for you to begin your new life and will cause the stress levels to contain for an unnecessary length of time.


Broken Sale Chain

Chain Break, Gazumping or Gazundering

The house sale process is an extremely uncertain process.  You are never sure that the sale of a property will succeed until the property has been completed on.  Even exchanging contracts may not mean you have sold your property.  Many people have experienced being gazumped or gazundering.  Gazumping is where someone offers a higher offer for a property which you have had an offer accepted on.  Gazundering happens when a buyer within a chain threatens to pull out of a house purchase by demanding a larger discount from the individual selling.  These two instances put extreme stress on the sale chain, often causing it to shatter, dashing the hopes of those within it.


Emigrating or Relocating

Relocating, Moving Abroad or Emigrating?

Do you need to sell your house quickly because you are moving? There are many reasons for needing to sell quickly can range from moving to be near family and relocating for a new job.  You could be emigrating to another county or within the UK. Whatever the situation, selling a property within the UK in short time frame can be extremely difficult and stressful.


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