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How we can help

We can offer you a guaranteed sale in a time that will suit you.  This allows you to move on with your life reassured by the knowledge that your house is sold.  This will allow you to pay off any debts or simply allow you to more quickly come to a financial agreement with your ex-partner. This allows you to concentrate on concluding your relationship in a manner that suits you and will help to reduce the stress you will feel.  You can leave us to arrange the entire sale process, contacting you at pre-agreed times and explaining each and every step clearly.

How it works

We will make you an offer for your home.  We will then deal with all of the paperwork, talk you through each and every step of the sale process and keep you informed throughout.  You will be able to concentrate on other important items.  Once the sale is complete, you will be able to divide any remaining equity and start your new life immediately.

Contacting K&G Lettings Limited about your house sale

K&G Lettings Limited specialise in buying houses directly from the owner. If you have sufficient equity and need to sell your property quickly we can help you. Please complete the form below, including as much information as possible or:

E-mail: enquiries@kandglettings.co.uk

Telephone: 01482 961961 (Low cost call)

Text: Divorce to 07984388819

Once you have completed the form a member of our experienced team will contact you shortly, to discuss your situation.

We guarantee not to pass on your details unless you agree – you have our word. See our Privacy Policy for more details.

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