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Have you a garage you are looking to sell, fast and for cash?

Have you a garage you’d like to sell fast and for cash? Unsure what to do with your garage? We can offer you a quick solution that gets cash in your bank in days! We buy any garage, in any location and in any condition. It can have asbestos, a broken door, a leaking roof or be full to the brim of items you just don’t want! It doesn’t matter. With our garage buying service you won’t need to repair your garage, remove asbestos, fix the leak or the door or empty it!

It could be that you’ve moved away and don’t use it, or you have inherited a garage and you’re unsure what to do with it. Selling your garage, is as easy as phoning, texting or emailing one of our friendly team – see our details below.

We also cover all of the costs, including solicitors fees and you won’t need to pay for agents fees. This means the price we offer is the price you receive! You won’t need to try to sell the garage yourself or hire an agent to do it. Saving you more time and costs. And we can complete the sale in as little as 7 to 14 days! That’s right you could have the money in your bank within days.

CALL 01482 961961, Text ‘SellMyGarage’ to 07984388819 or

Email Garage@kandglettings.co.uk TODAY to sell your garage in days

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you buy my garage?

One of the team will take your details. We’ll then either visit the garage, or ask you to send photos using any smart phone. The next step will be for you to consider our fair offer and decide how soon you’d like the cash in your bank. Our solicitors will deal with the legal aspects and our friendly team will support you through every step. Its as easy as that and can take as little as 7 days.

2. What is the value of my garage?

There a many factors that determine the value of your garage. This includes its size, the material its made from, its location and its condition. We buy any garage, in any condition and in any location. Call us today and we will make you a fair offer. Remember we pay all the legal fees, meaning that what we offer you, is the amount that you will receive into your bank!

3. Do you buy derelict Garages?

Yes, we buy garages in any condition. It can have asbestos, be missing parts of the roof, or have a broken door. It doesn’t matter, we will make you a fair cash offer.

4. Can I sell my garage if I have a mortgage?

Yes. We will write to your mortgage company explaining that you no longer use the garage and are looking to sell it. The vast majority of the time mortgage companies are happy to release the garage from the property, allowing you to sell it.

5. Do you rent garages back after the sale?

Yes! We are happy to buy your garage and then rent it back to you. We can offer you a range of options including a multi-year lease and a rent free period!

6. Do you buy blocks of garages?

Absolutely! Please get in contact so we discuss your situation and how many garages you are looking to sell.

7. Know someone who wants to sell their garage?

If you know someone who needs to sell their garage, please get in contact. We pay a commission on any sale we complete that is recommended to us. Commissions can be £100s or £1,000s of pounds depending on the garage. That means you’ll make money and the garage owner will get cash in their bank in days. It’s a win-win situation!  Call us today!

CALL 01482 961961, Text ‘SellMyGarage’ to 07984388819 or

Email Garage@kandglettings.co.uk TODAY to sell your garage in days

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