Property Renovation Services

K&G Lettings Limited  specialise in project managing the refurbishment of residential properties within Hull and the East Riding of Yorkshire.

We have been successfully project managing residential property since 2004 and have a detailed understanding of how to convert properties into high quality and desirable rental properties.  Allowing you to choose from the many tenants who would like to rent your property.  K&G Lettings Limited  have the experience to undertake the most challenging property refurbishment to the simplest decoration.  Ensuring your property is always in demand from quality tenants.

Windows Beeches Before

Before Renovation of Windows

Windows Beeches After

After Renovation of Windows

garden guildford before

Before Renovation of Garden

garden guildford after

After Renovation of Garden

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Our lead project managers are accredited at practitioner level in the internationally renowned PRINCE2 project management methodology.  PRINCE2 ensures they have the framework and knowledge to successfully complete even the most challenging refurbishment.

Our experience allows us to take on a range of tasks, from the most challenging property refurbishment down to managing the redecoration of single rooms.  We always provide advice which allows you to tailor the refurbishment of the property to the most suitable market, whether you are selling or letting the property.  We always ensure it is finished to a high standard and most importantly is good value for money.

We also provide a range of complementary services including: sourcing investment property and managing tenanted residential properties.

We offer a tiered level of services or the ability to mix and match your requirements to create a tailored service to exactly meet your needs.  A brief summary of our services are:

 Level of Service Brief description Cost of service (Per cent of budget) Link to more details
 Silver Sourcing trades 8 Silver Service
 Gold Project Management 10 Gold Service
 Platinum Full Project Management 12 Platinum Service
 Customised A huge range of services including taxation and accounts Dependent on requirements Customised Service
Using our extensive contacts with a range of tradesmen as well as our purchasing power, we can ensure we source high quality and reasonably priced trades people to complete any task you desire.

Project management involves K&G Lettings Limited working to a plan and budget for the refurbishment prepared by yourself or your contractor.  K&G Lettings Limited  will deliver the development to this plan.

Sourcing trades people: Sourcing trades people to complete the tasks detailed on the project plan.

Reporting: Regular reports and updates (weekly or monthly) to suit you will be provided.  These reports will outline progress against the project plan.

Quality Assurance: The quality of the development will be continually monitored by K&G Lettings Limited staff to ensure it meets the specified levels of quality.

Full project management involves K&G Lettings Limited  working with you to develop a plan and budget for the refurbishment.  K&G Lettings Limited  will then deliver the development to this plan. The platinum service combines the silver and gold services and include those services below.

Project planning: A detailed and realistic plan will allow you to achieve your refurbishment on time and within budget.  Our staff will develop this plan for you using the years of experience they have gained undertaking similar refurbishments.  This plan will be regularly reviewed and form part of the regular reporting.

Meeting Lettings Legislation:  Ensuring the development meets all regulations related to letting, including the following safety regulations:  Electrical, Gas and Fire.

Budgeting:  A detailed and updated budget is a key requirement of any project development.  Our staff will develop a detailed budget to allow you to achieve your development.  This budget will be regularly updated and included on the regular reports.

Risk assessments:  Undertaking risk assessments of the work to be undertaken to ensure contracts and the site adheres to Health & Safety legislation.
A huge range of services from taxation and accounts, insurance, vacant property checks.  Each additional service is individually priced, allowing you to tailor the service to meet your needs.

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