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Welcome to K&G Lettings Limited’s Tenant site.

This site is designed to provide our Tenants with all of the information they need when renting a property; for example, you will find copies of the manuals that relate to the appliances in your property and information ranging from painting tips and what to do if your tap leaks, to what to do if you need a replacement key. This page will tell you how to use the Tenant website and help you access one of the most important pages – the Welcome Pack, which is a key way to navigate round the Tenant Website.

How to use the website:

Logging in

To access the Tenant’s website you must log in using the username and password provided to you. You can access the ‘Tenant Login’ page from the ‘Tenant Information’ menu at the top of the page. Simply hover your mouse over the ‘Tenant Information’ menu to reveal a range of Sub-menus. From this Sub-menu, select ‘Tenant Login’ which will navigate you to a page, from which you can enter your unique user name and password and then click enter. Once you have logged in you will return to the ‘My Profile’ page of the K&G Lettings Limited website; you can tell if you are logged in, as there should be a ‘User Menu’ an the right of the screen, almost in top right corner. Don’t forget to log out when you have completed reviewing information – see our Logging out section for how to do this.

Where to find the information

All information relating to you as a Tenant can be found from the ‘Tenant Information’ menu at the top of the screen. From this menu you can find Tenant information and downloads by clicking one of the sub-menus, for example ‘Tenant Information’ or ‘Free Tenant Resources’

Property Manuals

You can view all the appliance and other manuals related to your property in the ‘Properties and Manuals’ link in the ‘User Menu’ that will be visible to you after you login. There you will see the property(es) let to you and the manuals related to those .


The first area to review when you want to find something is to use the Welcome Pack page, which details vital information specific to your property; however, if this does not reveal what you need to know, try the search bar at the right side of the screens, simply enter the search term and press enter and a search of the website will take place with a results page revealing any items that contain the word you’ve searched on.

Property Manuals

If you’ve finished reviewing the information on the K&G Lettings Limited website you should log out of your User account. This can be done in the following way-

Click ‘Log Out’ on the User Menu (shown near to the top right of the screen when you are logged in). This will take you to a page titled ‘log In’, look for the grey ‘Logout’ button and click it and you should be logged out.

If you have logged out successfully, the User Menu should’ve disappeared from the right hand side of the screen. If the User Menu continues to be displayed you have not successfully logged out and must try again.


Your most important document: the Welcome Pack

One of the most important documents that we produce for you as a Tenant, is the Welcome Pack. From this web page you can easily navigate to information about your property – such as appliance manuals – or links to information about your locality – for example, where is your nearest doctor or dentist – and information about what to do in an emergency – for example if you lose a key or have a burst pipe. This is one of the easiest ways for you to find the information you need. Access your Welcome Pack by clicking this link

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