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Since 2004, K&G Lettings Limited have been successfully managing residential property and have a detailed understanding of areas within Hull and the East Riding.  This knowledge allows us to provide you with the best possible and most informed advice.  It also allows us to offer complementary services, sourcing investment property and managing the refurbishment of properties.

Our staff have a passion for property and are dedicated to providing high levels of service to both the tenant and the landlord.  Managing a property takes patience and dedication, as well as an organised and efficient approach.  It is often at the most inconvenient times when repairs are required or minor emergencies such as a leaking pipe or flooded toilet occur.  Inevitably, when owning rental property you will experience a poor tenant, who pays rent late or leaves a property untidy.  Do you have the patience and enthusiasm to deal with these situations or would you prefer a professional and organised company to manage your property?  As your portfolio increases, so do the amount of items you must remember and deal with.

We are available during office hours and provide a special out of hours number which allows people to contact us in an emergency.  If there is an emergency we will ensure it receives the necessary attention using our accredited tradesmen, who produce high quality work at competitive prices.

K&G Lettings Limited  offer a professional and affordable property management service which takes the hassle and worry out of owning residential rental property. We can ensure your properties meet all legal requirements and can advise you on a range of topics from decorating and rental markets to protecting your investment and arranging your tax returns.  Our services aim to take the Hassle out of letting your property.

Our approach has resulted in many of our tenants staying in the same property for over a year, with our longest standing tenants having rented a property for five years.  This length of occupation is a testiment to the level of service which we provide our tenants.  This encourages tenants to stay longer, leading to higher returns to the investor as properties experience a minimal period without tenants.

We offer a tiered level of services or the ability to mix and match your requirements to create a tailored service to exactly meet your needs.  A brief summary of our services are outlined below, along with the costs of each.  Click the link to find out what each service offers

 Level of Service Brief description Cost of service (Per cent of annual rent) 
Silver Rent collection 8 
Gold Letting Service 10 
Platinum Full Letting & Management 12 
Customised A huge range of services from taxation and accounts, insurance, vacant property checks.  Each additional service is individually priced, allowing you to tailor the service to meet your needs. Dependent on requirements 

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