Tenant Safety Tips

We are always trying to help our tenants and offer a hassle free service. To help our tenants, we are created some top tips for the safety and security of your person and your home.

Fire Safety Tips

1. Don’t smoke if you are in bed, or if you are likely to fall asleep on a couch.
2. Candles are particularly dangerous around children, pets such as cats, if left on an
uneven surface or near curtains and upholstered furniture.
3. Hobs (whether gas or electric) should not be left unattended. If the contents of a pan
are on fire, first try to smother it with a metal fitting lid.
4. Halogen light bulbs produce pure intense light due to running hotter than normal
incandescent lamps. Ensure that nothing touches the bulb when in operation. Make
sure nothing is ever placed on the light and that curtains will not flow onto the lamp
with a breeze, especially with upward facing lamps.
5. Plan an escape route in case there is a fire at the property. This could just save your
6. Test and replace batteries within smoke alarms every few weeks. These are
essential to maintaining your safety.

Security Tips

1. You should be aware of the security and safety rules of the building if you live in an
apartment, flat or shared accomodation.
2. Consider fitting anti-lift devices to your windows and sliding doors. Modern uPVCs
windows and doors usually have adequate anti-lift devices – please ask permission
from a member of K&G Lettings Limited’s Letting Department before doing this.
3. Consider using crime prevention or alarm decals on accessible windows and doors –
please ask permission from a member of K&G Lettings Limited’s Letting Department
before doing this.
4. Just your first initial and last name should appear on your mailbox.
5. If you have a communal entrance, you should not allow strangers access to your
building when you are coming in or out of the building’s communal entrance doors.
6. You should cover the peephole in your door to prevent people from seeing through it
from outside your flat or apartment.
7. If you feel uncomfortable with the occupants in an elevator, you should wait for the
next one.
8. If you feel uncomfortable when a person enters an elevator, you should exit before
the door closes.
9. You should use timers to activate lighting, radios or television in your property when
you are not at home.
10. You should wait for the gate to close on underground parking when entering and
leaving the building.
11. Do not store valuable items in storage lockers (especially if contents of locker are

All tenants should be responsible for security. Remember good neighbours look after each other. Get to know other people who live nearby, so you may be able to identify strangers in your neighbourhood